Morning Action: Amnesty is Amnesty

AMNESTY.  Heritage has a simple, straightforward explanation as to why amnesty is wrong:

Amnesty comes in many forms, but in all its variations, it discourages respect for the law, treats law-breaking aliens better than law-following aliens, and encourages future unlawful immigration into the United States.

TRADE.  When it comes to knocking down trade barriers in other countries, the Obama administration continues to drag its feet.  Now, they’re claiming credit when none is due.

The Obama administration claimed credit Monday for breaking down technical barriers to U.S. exports around the world even as an ambitious trans-Pacific trade deal remains a work in progress and an agreement with Europe announced in this year’s State of the Union address is still far off.

President Obama set a goal three years ago of doubling U.S. exports and creating 2 million export jobs by 2015. The White House has yet to see a single new trade deal through to fruition, but a series of reports released this week show steady progress in breaking down barriers to trade under existing international agreements.

The president had hoped to wrap up the Trans-Pacific Partnership talks with 10 other countries last year, and conversations about a U.S.-European Union trade pact have barely begun. With that backdrop, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative released three reports this week highlighting progress the administration has made in tackling technical barriers to trade. 

K-STREET.  When it comes to Washington, things are not always how they appear.

Some advocates may de-register or become inactive to shield their clients or themselves from the stigma of being represented by registered lobbyists. Still others may have their eyes on a job in the Obama administration, which prohibits recently registered lobbyists from serving without a waiver.

More and more people on K Street are realizing that gee, maybe for the most part what it is they’re doing on a daily basis doesn’t meet this strict statutory definition of the law,” [James Madison University professor Tim] LaPira said, offering one explanation for the decline in registered lobbyists in recent years.

Plus, even for those who ought to be registered, there’s almost no enforcement.

“I can’t tell you what we don’t see,” LaPira added.

SEQUESTER.  One month in, the sequester – or at the very least sequester-level spending – appears here to stay.

Not only are there limited opportunities to overturn the sequester, there appears to no momentum to reverse course.  Two examples: 1) marking the first month of the sequester, President Obama hosted the annual White House Easter Egg Roll; and, 2) the Left is criticizing Obama for signing a government funding bill that locked in sequester-level spending because it contained a provision dealing with genetically modified food.

Americans, especially Republican primary voters, do not trust promises of future action.  If lawmakers cannot honor their current commitment, why would voters expect them to honor a commitment ten years down the line?

If lawmakers embrace a “spending increase,” they do so at their own peril.

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Amnesty, in all of its forms, is wrong for current Americans and future Americans.

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One month in, the sequester – or at the very least sequester-level spending – appears here to stay.

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On trade, the Obama administration is claiming credit when none is due.

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