It’s Too Hard for the Left to Cover Obamacare’s Flaws

Reading through one of the Hill’s most recent blogs about Obamacare is about as pleasant as having a tooth pulled without any Novocain:

Setting up the central piece of President Obama’s healthcare law has cost the administration more than twice as much as originally intended.

The Health and Human Services Department (HHS) said in budget documents Wednesday that it expects to spend $4.4 billion by the end of this year on grants to help states set up new insurance exchanges. HHS had estimated last year that the grants would cost $2 billion.

The department also is asking Congress for another $1.5 billion to help set up federally run exchanges in states that do not establish their own.

It gets worse, though:

The request for extra money comes at a critical time — exchanges are supposed to be up and running in every state by October. But it is also sure to meet hostility in Congress, which just last month denied HHS’s last request for additional funds.

Oh what a tangled web we weave when Congress fails to read a 2,000 page bill before they pass it:

The healthcare law did not provide any funds specifically for HHS to set up a federal fallback exchange because lawmakers envisioned most states setting up their own marketplaces.

Of course lovers of big government like HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius are quick to blame conservatives and Republican governors for Obamacare’s rocky road.

But as the Heritage Foundation has demonstrated here, and here, and here, there is little reason for the states to trust that Obamacare is best for them.

Apart from imposing new costs and creating so much uncertainty for the states, Heritage’s Edmund F. Haislmaier and Alyene Senger also show that Obamacare’s essential health benefits (EHB) regulation creates disparities among the states.

They explain:

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has issued final rules for Obamacare’s essential health benefits (EHB) package, setting up yet another new source of conflict over Obamacare, this time among the states.

HHS has adopted a “state benchmark plan” approach for setting the EHB package. The result of this decision is that the EHB package will now vary from state to state. While Administration officials tout this approach as offering less market disruption and more flexibility, it will also have the effect that some states will receive more in Obamacare subsidies than others.

If you believe the liberal excuses for Obamacare’s rocky first three years, I’ve got bridge to sell you.  This law was bound to be very difficult to implement and very bad for all Americans in terms of quality of care, costs, and religious freedom.

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Yup. Obamacare is as much of a pain as conservatives predicted it would be.

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Nothing the Left says will cover up Obamacare's flaws.

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