Hey Gang of 8: We Have Some Questions for You

As Congress tries to reform the United States immigration system, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) has sent his colleagues ten essential questions that should be considered and answered, especially by those in the Senate’s Gang of 8.

As a preface to the questions, he states:

Due to the enormous complexity of immigration reform and the profound consequences for American workers, taxpayers, and society at large, many have advocated for a step-by-step approach rather than a comprehensive one.  The last attempt at comprehensive legislation was riddled with flaws and loopholes that made it unworkable – serving the special interests but not the national interest… The public must know exactly what’s in any far reaching proposal before anyone votes on it. 

The questions can be viewed in their entirety here, with explanations as to why each question is important.  In brief, they are:

  1. Is this bill enforcement first or legalization first?
  2. What are the concrete metrics used to measure boarder security?
  3. Does the bill complete the border fence and secure all ports of entry?
  4. Who gets amnesty and how many?
  5. How will the bill impact American workers and wages?
  6. Is the guest worker program truly temporary?
  7. Does the bill put a stop to sanctuary cities and resume cooperation with local law enforcement?
  8. How does the bill guarantee that the Administration will not ignore future laws as it has with the laws already on the books?
  9. How does the bill ensure that the federal public charge law is enforced and that illegal immigrants do not access the welfare state through the granting of green cards and citizenship?
  10. What is the long-term cost of the bill?

These are all questions of great significance, and each and every Senator owes their constituents clear answers to each of them.

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Is the Gang of 8's immigration bill enforcement first or legalization first? We need answers.

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In the Gang of 8's immigration bill, who gets amnesty and how many? We want the truth.

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How will the Gang of 8's immigration bill impact American workers and wages? They owe us answers.

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