Dangerous, Ineffective Gun Bill Advances

Yesterday, the Senate voted to advance a bill that would criminalize victims and law-abiding gun owners.  Under the guise of preventing people from becoming victims of gun violence, this bill would actually undermine the constitutional rights of law abiding citizens, potentially making law-abiding gun owners and gun users criminals.

The next step in the corrosion of our Second Amendment rights is the debate on this destructive Schumer-Toomey-Manchin bill, which Pat Toomey admitted wouldn’t have prevented the tragedy in Newtown.

But as that debate proceeds, recall that the Left is already greatly pleased that this first barrier to their oppressive gun law was broken down.  In fact, Time described the Senate’s vote yesterday as a “win” for Democrats.

But, this language shows what this debate has truly become: liberals have made gun laws about optics.

What is most outrageous, though, is that the Left has failed to make a legitimate argument that this legislation can protect people from gun violence.  On the contrary, conservatives have offered real solutions and understand that such solutions do not lie in the hands of the federal government.

Heritage Action CEO Mike Needham makes the case for freedom.  This morning on MSNBC, he gave an excellent defense of our constitutional rights, while his liberal counterpart failed to offer any conclusive evidence that the liberal gun bill would serve to protect anyone from gun violence.

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The Senate gun bill will not protect anyone, but it will corrode our Second Amendment rights.

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Optics are more important to the Left than our constitutional rights.

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Sloppy language in the Senate gun bill potentially opens door for a federal gun registry.

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