Common Core: Federal Overreach into the Classroom

Thursday night on “Stossel,” the Heritage Foundation’s Lindsey Burke explained how states that are “cash-strapped” get roped into accepting the federal government’s Common Core standards for education.  The left contends that this decision is voluntary, but for some, the temptation of getting cash is too great.

But do these federal dollars equal greater success rates for students?  The evidence suggests otherwise.  “We have seen fifty years of federal intervention in education utterly fail,” Burke explains.

Why should we “invest” billions of dollars more of taxpayer money in further centralizing education if it has failed our students for so long?  There are better options for our students and educators.


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Education centralization has FAILED our students over the past 50 years.

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The federal government gets a big fat "F" for its Common Core standards.

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Decisions about education should be left to local leaders and to parents, not Washington.

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