Can’t make ‘em see the light? Make ‘em feel the heat

When Congress is in session, chances are, you can find your average “underperforming” Member of Congress chumming it up with their colleagues.  While Americans are struggling to make house payments, keep their businesses afloat, pay off student debt, and raise a family, politicians are enjoying the perks that come with being in federal office.

Granted, there are a few who are standing on conservative principles, and if you are curious who they are, look at the Overall Results page on our scorecard.

If your Member does not have a blue Sentinel badge next to his/her percentage, be sure to ask why not.

Is it because they caved to special interests who want a carve out in the budget? Is it because they voted for bills that grow the federal government? Is it because they do not trust you as an individual to make your own decisions?

Members of Congress owe it to their constituents to answer their questions with more than an evasive phone call or generic form letter.  They should not be surprised when activists demand answers to the tough questions.

If politicians on Capitol Hill want the support of the over 700,000 Americans who are members of the Heritage Foundation and the already 300,000 highly motivated activists involved with Heritage Action, they should avoid compromising on their principles.

The reality is that politicians come and go, but the Heritage Foundation is still here.  Heritage Action is only building off the success of a permanent institution in D.C.  If you think 40 years of Heritage analysts disproving your false claims in Washington has been rough, just wait.  People are hungry for knowledge and unwilling to see this country go down the road the statist liberals are leading us.

The Left is organizing.  It is time our representatives in Washington learn the playing field and join forces with conservatives who want to save this country.

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If your Member does not have a blue Sentinel badge next to his/her percentage, be sure to ask why not.

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