Baseball Opening April Fools’ Day

As lawmakers continue their two-week recess, the Heritage Action team found it appropriate to weigh in on America’s national pastime: baseball.

Favorite Team World Series Winner
Joseph Miller Astros Dodgers
Andrew White Braves Braves
Dan Holler Braves Braves
Dwayne Carson Braves Braves
Tripp Baird Braves Nationals
Ben Evans Cardinals Cardinals
Dustin Carmack Cardinals Cardinals
Hugh Fike Giants Giants
Mike Needham Mets Nationals
Mike Henry Phillies Phillies
Kurt Brown Pirates Yankees
Nathanael Yellis Red Sox Nationals
Russ Vought Yankees Yankees
Erin Siefring Yankees  🙁


Hope springs eternal at Heritage Action, but we also believe in accountability, so we’ll revisit these predictions in October.

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