Yet Another Reason The Sequester’s Not So Horrific

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) explains that even after the onset of the sequester, discretionary spending levels are still higher than discretionary spending levels were in 2007, the last year before the recession.  In fact, while war-related funding has decreased by 46 percent since 2007, discretionary spending (excluding war funding and emergency hurricane relief) increased by 10.7 percent.

Discretionary budget 2007 and 2013

This illustrates a couple of things.  First, no matter how much people want to dramatize the sequester, it’s just not that dramatic; in fact, many of us believed we were spending far too much in 2007.  Second, it highlights that the sequester was not nearly enough to get the federal government’s out of control spending under control.


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Despite the sequester, discretionary spending is still about 11 % higher than pre-recession levels.

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More evidence the sequester didn't cut enough spending --->

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