What Stands in the Way of Keystone?

It’s unclear how many radical environmentalists there are in the United States, but what is clear is every American is affected by energy prices.  It is also clear that the Keystone XL pipeline would result in billions of dollars of economic activity and thousands of American jobs.  An influx of Canadian oil could also help regional gas prices.  A decision from President Obama is expected in the near future.

Nonetheless, the project has its naysayers including radical environmentalists and Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).  Their opinions are pretty well known and they think “climate change” is a good reason not to move forward with the pipeline.  Some may consider their opinions obnoxious, counterfactual, and nonproductive, but they have a right to voice them.  One radical group said:

In Congress, each candidate had his shot at opposing this boondoggle of a project, which, if approved, would mean more pollution, more oil spills, and more huge profits for big oil. Only one candidate did what was right and said no.

Quick rebuttal to our radical friends’ radically erroneous assertions.

First, it won’t mean more pollution.  That oil will be extracted and used.  It’s just a question of which country will benefit economically from the project – and which one will do it in a more “environmentally friendly way.”  Currently the contenders are China and the U.S.  You tell me which of those two state players is going to follow the rules.

Second, it is not at all clear that the pipeline would mean more oil spills; quite the contrary, the State Department has given multiple positive environmental impact reviews for the pipeline and Keystone developers made extensive efforts to protect sensitive areas.

In chorus with the radical environmentalists, Rep. Pelosi just said that the pipeline would do nothing to make the country more energy independent.    Maybe it doesn’t feel like Keystone would increase our energy independence or that it would produce roughly 179,000 jobs, but the evidence suggests that those things would in fact result from Keystone’s construction.

Fortunately, conservatives and other proponents of the Keystone XL pipeline construction have a right to voice our opinions as well.  It is equally fortunate that we base our arguments on facts rather than emotion.

Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA) said that President Obama and his administration should stop dragging their feet on a Keystone decision, and that, once the State Department’s 45-day comment period on its environmental analysis closes, the administration “must not come up with new excuses.”  Mind you, the State Department has given favorable reviews to the pipeline project on numerous occasions.

Rep. Royce deserves an ‘amen’.  And in fact, he’s voicing the opinion of 70 percent of Americans who want the project to be completed.

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