Wasteful Spending That Should Make Everyone Cringe

If you were to sit down with a liberal-minded friend and ask them to approve or disapprove of the federal government’s spending in the Senate omnibus spending bill, item by item, it’s safe to bet that even they might cringe at some of the items.

Maybe this is wishful thinking.  But here’s a list of some of the most ridiculous items in the bill.   Regardless of opinion, the numbers don’t lie, and when you look at your diminished bank account, remember the following (this is not an exhaustive list):

  1. $33.5 million in new funding for the failed Head Start program that has been deemed by the federal government to be totally ineffective at meeting the needs of poor children.
  2. $30 million in additional Jobs Corps funding, which should be terminated, because a scientifically rigorous impact evaluation of Job Corps participants were less likely to obtain high school degrees, were no more likely to attend or complete college, and earned only $0.22 more in hourly wages than non-participants.
  3. $10 million for USDA energy grants subsidizing electricity bills in Alaska and Hawaii.
  4. $154 million for military ‘alternative energy research,’ which last year paid $26 per gallon for 450 thousand gallons of alternative fuel.’
  5. $65 million for Pacific salmon for states including Nevada.
  6. $1.1 billion for Office of Justice Programs that should be terminated because these grants assign functions to the federal government that fall within the expertise, jurisdiction, and constitutional responsibilities of state and local governments.
  7. $1.2 billion for a NASA manned spacecraft, the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle developed for exploration of the Moon and Mars.  This is vastly more expensive than robotic exploration and is certainly not cost effective.

This is just a sampling of the many wasteful spending items in the Senate’s spending bill.  It is appalling that our elected officials are this financially careless and reckless.




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Senate spending bill adds $33.5 million in new funding for the failed Head Start Program

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