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Not only will thousands upon thousands of jobs be lost, but healthcare costs will skyrocket even as quality of care plummets.  That’s what government-directed industry does.

That is why Obamacare should be repealed.  There are good ideas for real reforms that would empower patients, parents and doctors, not bureaucrats and bean counters.  Heritage’s Saving the American Dream plan shows what freedom looks like.

“Serious” Democrats Propose Oppressive Carbon Tax

It appears the Democrats in Congress were all ears during President Obama’s inaugural address, wherein he stated his commitment to tackling “climate change” issues in his second term.  Anything different, he opined, would be a betrayal to our children and future generations.

The new carbon tax proposals brewing among Democrats in both chambers (sub. req’d) serve two purposes: 1) to fulfill Obama’s call for action; and, 2) serve as new “revenue” for the upcoming budget debates. 

Sen. Cruz Defends Constitution in Gun Legislation Debate

What Stands in the Way of Keystone?

In chorus with the radical environmentalists, Rep. Pelosi just said that the pipeline would do nothing to make the country more energy independent.    Maybe it doesn’t feel like Keystone would increase our energy independence or that it would produce roughly 179,000 jobs, but the evidence suggests that those things would in fact result from Keystone’s construction.

Fortunately, conservatives and other proponents of the Keystone XL pipeline construction have a right to voice our opinions as well.  It is equally fortunate that we base our arguments on facts rather than emotion.

Heritage Action’s CEO Swats Down Carbon Tax

At a press conference, Heritage Action’s CEO Michael Needham explained proponents of a carbon tax understand the best defense is a strong, aggressive offense.  By pushing an unacceptable carbon tax, they want to distract lawmakers, the media and the American people away from the real issues: overspending and a lack of access to American energy resources.



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