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Barack Obama has a new title: director-in-chief.  Over the past several weeks, his cabinet secretaries have turned into amateur actors performing an overhyped version of Chicken Little: The Sequester is Coming.

The truth is that high debt threatens the economynot budget cuts.  The other truth is that the “$85 billion in cuts” you hear invoked so frequently is misleading.  The Congressionafl Budget Office (CBO) points out that for the remainder of FY2013, projected outlays will be reduced by a mere $44 billion.

Silly Gun-Grabbing Liberal, Read the Constitution!

When a liberal is careless in his or her discussion of gun rights, acting as though the Second Amendment is of little consequence, remind them:

Apart from the Second Amendment’s role in deterring government oppression… the right to keep and bear arms has another purpose that is every bit as important and urgent today as it was at the time the Constitution was ratified: specifically, to enable American citizens to defend themselves against violent criminals. 

Call Your Representative: Defund Obamacare Now

It is incumbent upon conservatives to fight to defund Obamacare. Although damage has already been done, the most egregious, invasive elements of Obamacare are not yet set in stone. Despite not controlling all of government, the House of Representatives has the power to defund Obamacare in their next must-pass spending bill.

Remember Secretary Kerry?

With all the news recently surrounding Chuck Hagel, you’d be forgiven if new Secretary of State John Kerry faded from your news feed.  Never fear though, Kerry is traveling the globe on his inaugural trip as U.S. Secretary of State to tell other nations that Americans have the “right to be stupid.” Well, you know what they say: the proof is in the pudding.

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Due to the sequester, the squirrels that power the internet have been furloughed.

GET REAL!  Get the facts on sequester, here and here.


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