Sensationalizing the Sequester: Masters of Manipulation, Myth and Tax Increases

The Left has stood by President Obama, as he has attempted to use the sequester to teach Republicans – and the whole country — a painful lesson about cutting spending.  The lesson, of course, is that spending should never be cut, even when we’re drowning in the depths of unfathomable debt; rather, taxes should always be raised.

Gene Sperling, the President’s top economic policy assistant, laid out this radical approach over the weekend.

Sperling said:

As this pain starts to gradually spread to communities… more Republican colleagues who are concerned about this harm to their constituents will choose bipartisan compromise on revenue raising tax reform with serious entitlement reform.

Sperling also wrapped up one of the myths so central to liberalism: that the Left is pro-middle class and the Right is anti-middle class; conversely, that the Left’s policies are conducive to a thriving middle class and the Right’s policies bring economic destruction to them. 

He stated:

[Republicans will] choose this bipartisan compromise over what is an ideological position that every single penny of deficit reduction going forward must be on the middle class or seniors or children, and that there can’t be one penny that comes from closing loopholes or tax expenditures.

Does Mr. Sperling recall the hot topic prior to January 1?  As a reminder, it was the fiscal cliff, wherein taxes were raised on all Americans.  More importantly, though, while not all Republicans are conservatives, it is simply false that conservative policies harm the middle class.  Rather, they facilitate a thriving economy, abiding by free market principles and respecting individual freedom, which benefits everyone economically and socially.

It’s becoming clear that the President’s masterful sequester plan is backfiring on him.  After all, the sequester, which White House press secretary Jay Carney called a “forcing mechanism,” went into effect and the rate of federal spending was reduced by 2.4 percent.

President Obama, however, is an expert at using people as props.  In this case, he is using a specific group of people: all Americans.  Mr. Obama wants to instill fear in the average American that even a minute reduction in federal spending is going to sting them.

So rather than inflict all that pain on everyone, the Senate Democrats devised a plan:

The sequester replacement bill proposed by Senate Democrats, and endorsed by the White House, would add $7.2 billion to the federal deficit over ten years, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

“CBO estimates that S. 388 would increase direct spending by $62.4 billion and revenues by $55.1 billion over the 2013–2023 period. Thus, the cumulative deficit would increase by $7.2 billion from those changes,” CBO wrote in a report.

Now that the sequester has hit, naturally the Left has resorted to continuing their fear mongering even though they have nothing to work with.  Because fear was central to their plan all along, and although the sequester “cuts” are not devastating, the Left is continuing its hype.

Education secretary Arne Duncan falsely asserted that public school teachers were already receiving pink slips thanks to the sequester.  His friend over in the Department of Homeland Security, Secretary Janet Napolitano, asserted (sub. req’d) that the waits in airports were 150% to 200% as long as we’d normally expect thanks to the sequester.  False.  “[O]fficials representing a dozen major airports said there were few if any unusual flight delays or lines at security or customs checkpoints” since the sequester started.

Conservative lawmakers should be able to see right through the Left’s histrionics, which are simply an indication of the Left’s desperation to raise taxes on the American people yet again.

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