Moring Action: Annie Get Your Gun

GUNS.  Tensions between gun control advocates and those who fear for their Second Amendment rights are coming to a boil inside and outside the beltway:

The centerpiece of President Obama’s gun violence agenda is in peril amid a deadlock among Senate negotiators over how to implement and enforce a proposal requiring background checks for private gun sales.

With time running out for talks, Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) remains optimistic about reaching an agreement. 

Schumer argues — and gun control groups agree — that records must be kept to ensure background checks are conducted before private transactions. Otherwise, any expansion of background checks would be unenforceable, they assert.

PELOSI.  It appears (sub. req’d) that President Obama has aspirations – and money to back them – for Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to become the House Speaker following the 2014 elections.  Then, his progressive policies could be implemented with ease:

[S]hortly after finishing his speech on Election Night last year, Mr. Obama called Mrs. Pelosi and Steve Israel, who runs the Democratic House re-election campaign, to discuss 2014. The strategy fits Mr. Obama’s unprecedented new effort to raise $50 million in $500,000 chunks to fund Organizing for Action (OFA), which will spend millions in GOP-held districts. Mr. Israel says he met in January with Jim Messina, Mr. Obama’s 2012 campaign manager who now runs OFA, to discuss the 2014 races.

For some reason, White House press secretary Jay Carney “pushed back” against this news saying 2014 is “not a focus” for Mr. Obama.  Is it any secret that this President is chomping at the bit to make America a progressive paradise and that he’ll vigorously pursue any means of doing so?  We think not…

SUBSIDIES.   For folks in the wind industry, common sense is blowing a gale, and they’re holding onto their hats — or their subsidies – very tightly:

Two months after Congress rescued it, the wind industry’s crucial tax credit is back on the countdown to extinction.

The fiscal cliff deal revived the wind-production tax credit on New Year’s Day just hours after it legally expired. Industry leaders say the extension saved thousands of jobs and will support the installation of thousands of megawatts of power this year.

But the credit is due to expire again Dec. 31, and opponents are just as eager as before to see it die. The industry wants a long-term extension, but that has near zero odds with the Capitol consumed with talk of budget pain.

The options under consideration are a long-term extension, which would be a huge mistake, and a long-term phase-out, which is also uncalled for.  It’s time for this 25 year-old baby to move out of the taxpayers’ basement.

OBAMA.  His charisma doesn’t always translate into good numbers in the polls; his job approval rating just took a fall:

President Obama’s job approval rating took a hit over the weekend, falling to its lowest level in the Gallup three-day average since his reelection.

His approval rating was 46 percent between Feb 29 and March 2, down from 53 percent a week earlier.

The drop comes after Obama and Congress failed to reach a last-minute deal and automatic sequester cuts kicked in across the government on Friday.

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