Hey Washington, Get Your Budget Priorities Straight

#CutThisNotThat.  It’s likely that you share the sentiment expressed by this hashtag.  Conservatives know that when it comes to responsible budgeting, priorities and principles are both key.  Where do the President’s priorities lie?  The way elected officials budget reveals what their priorities are and whether or not they are principled.

The Senate Steering Committee Vice Chairman Mike Lee (R-UT) started the “Cut This, Not That” campaign to rebut the President’s false claims that the sequester will “require dramatic cuts to essential government services.”  On the home page for the campaign, Sen. Lee states:

This is a campaign to remind Americans and the president that with a budget that exceeds $3 trillion dollars there is plenty of room for cutting.

He makes an excellent point.  Elected officials’ largesse tends to grow when they come to Washington –unfortunately, this generosity is all too often directed at themselves, their cronies, and programs that they think will help them win reelection.  And this tendency is rarely balanced by even a semblance of fiscal responsibility.

The Obama administration tried hard to orchestrate a painful experience for Americans after the sequester.  Folks in federal agencies are literally being directed to make things look bad.  One internal email of the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service indicated nothing should be done “that would lessen the dire impacts Congress had been warned of.”

Yet, their efforts are being stymied by their own inconsistencies.

Even after the dire sequester hit, government agencies continued to list their jobs postings.  Similarly, the Transportation Security Administration signed a $50 million contract for new uniforms for airport screeners just days before the sequester went into effect.

It’s also likely that President Obama and his family will be taking a nice jaunt to the posh island of Martha’s Vineyard this summer, which will surely cost a pretty penny, and the commander-in-chief will spend some time golfing.

No word yet on where the commander-in-chief will be staying. As the Boston Herald reports, the home where the Obamas stayed previously has been sold. But he will no doubt hit the links a few times at the Farm Neck Golf Club, as he has previously. Also no word on whether Tiger Woods will join.

The President has priorities, it’s just not clear that they are the priorities of the American people.  The Heritage Foundation identified a myriad of areas where federal spending can and should be cut.  The idea that it cannot is completely absurd.

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