“Deficit Reduction” Not Accurately Defined in Liberals’ Dictionary

This morning, Sen. Patty Murray praised her Democrat colleagues in the Senate, Sen. Mark Werner (D-VA) and Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA).  They are both “great” members of the Senate Budget Committee, by her estimation.  She said they both spent “a great deal of time and effort in helping us to get onto a path of sustainable economic recovery and deficit reduction.”   She “really” appreciates it.



That precious love-fest aside, Murray’s statements just don’t conform to reality.

Not only would the Democrats’ budget increase our nation’s debt by $7.3 trillion over a period of ten years even after a gargantuan $1.5 trillion tax increase, annual deficit reduction is only temporary.  Following a brief decline to a massive $406 billion annual deficit in FY2016, annual deficits once again move upward.

Oh, and only in a liberal fantasy does raising taxes yet again contribute to “sustainable economic recovery.”  We “really” won’t “appreciate” another massive tax increase or the devastating economic aftermath.

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Higher taxes are not the way to a sustainable economic recovery.

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Democrats don't have a true understanding of deficit reduction.

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Liberals want to reduce the deficit the federal government has created with a bad tax-and-spend budget.

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