Where Conservative Rubber Meets the Road

Picture this: You’re at home watching TV, surfing the internet, or reading the news, much of which has a liberal spin.  Then, you see an article written by a pseudo economist, get fired up, and take your aggression out on the leaves laying peacefully in the front yard.

Welcome to the hardworking citizen’s life.  You’ve got a job, family, social life and college football games on Saturday.  Life is good.   But when it comes to politics, you wish you could make a bigger impact with your limited free time.

You keep yourself informed of the important political issues of the day, and make it to the ballot box on election days (hoping that the conservative candidate you voted to send to Washington will stay true to his or her principles upon arriving).

But does this have to be where your impact ends?

Organizing for Action, formally Organizing for America, the Obama campaign machine, doesn’t see it this way. Even after elections, they continue to use the media to affect the way Americans view politics.  They’re good at using sound bites and politicians’ statements to their advantage.  They are not shy about their plans.  Their campaign did not end on November 6, 2012 deadline; in their minds, it has just begun.  They plan to use every resource available to implement President Obama’s vision of a society centered around collective action, as opposed to one based on individual liberty.

There is some the good news, though.

Conservatives now have the information and tools available to have an equal or greater impact than the professional left.

Heritage Action has a TRUE grassroots plan, and we’re picking up steam.  The Sentinel Program is designed to maximize your time, creativity and individual interests to combat Organizing for Action and the other big-government special interests in Washington.

Uncontrolled, remote-throwing rages won’t change things in Washington, but maximizing your time and channeling your passion into action will.   When conservatives unite in a genuine grassroots effort based on conservative principles, we can disrupt the Washington Establishment and make a real difference for America’s future.

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