Remember Secretary Kerry?

With all the news recently surrounding Chuck Hagel, you’d be forgiven if new Secretary of State John Kerry faded from your news feed.  Never fear though, Kerry is traveling the globe on his inaugural trip as U.S. Secretary of State to tell other nations that Americans have the “right to be stupid.” Well, you know what they say: the proof is in the pudding.

He was speaking in reference to our rights of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of press.

The reason is that’s freedom, freedom of speech. In America you have a right to be stupid – if you want to be.  And you have a right to be disconnected to somebody else if you want to be.

*Sarcasm Alert* I guess it’s legit for the United States Secretary of State to conflate our freedom of speech with freedom of stupidity… they’re the same, right?  I mean, our Founding Fathers wrote extensively on the topic of stupidity, and they wanted to ensure that dumb Americans of future generations hence wouldn’t be silenced.  

Can you imagine a less refined, less intellectual, or more insulting way of articulating the rights protected by the First Amendment?

Before Kerry went abroad to insult the intelligence of Americans, he sent a letter to lawmakers warning the forthcoming sequester would “seriously impair” America’s “ability to influence and shape world events, protect U.S. interests, increase job-creating opportunities for American businesses, prevent conflict, protect our citizens overseas and defeat terrorism before it reaches our shores depends on day-to-day diplomatic engagement and increased prosperity worldwide.”

National Public Radio (NPR) inadvertently points out there may actually be some savings to find in the State Department’s budget. The head of the American Foreign Service Association, Susan Johnson, explained the move towards friendly looking embassies:

The embassy in Beijing is very open. It really integrates kind of a modern Western architectural techniques and the sense of China. It’s got reflecting pools, kind of broad sweeps and a sense of openness and lightness, even though it’s large. Our embassy in London is truly sort of spectacular. It, too, it’s sort of taller and boxy-like, but it’s got a sort of remarkably creative use of what I guess is glass. It has water around it, somewhat reminiscent of a moat, but in a way, that’s very much more like a pool and kind of fits in with the architecture… A very friendly moat.

Hey. We may do “stupid” things.  But at least we’ll look good doing it.

U.S. Embassy in Beijing, China (via State Department)

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Secretary of State John Kerry thinks Americans' right to free speech = our "right to be stupid"

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