Naming Names: BS Plan Gaining Support

Remember the Bowles-Simpson (BS) Plan?  Probably not.  President Obama swept the commission’s deficit reduction recommendations under the rug with astounding speed and only a handful of lawmakers have been willing to embrace the plan’s $2.6 trillion tax hike.

Interestingly, though, support for this bad plan seems to be growing amongst some folks in Congress.

Yesterday, the House voted on a Bowles-Simpson style amendment offered by Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-OR) to H.R. 444, the Require a PLAN Act.  The amendment would have required President Obama to craft a budget in line with the recommendations of Bowles-Simpson, including the massive tax increase. That is particularly disconcerting since President Obama and Congress already hit us with new taxes in the fiscal cliff deal struck at the beginning of January.

75 representatives voted in favor of the Schrader amendment – 21 Republicans and 54 Democrats.  

This is more than double the support the Cooper amendment to H.Con.Res.112, the Bowles-Simpson budget, which received 38 favorable votes, 16 Republicans and 22 Democrats last March.  At that time, we key voted against the Bowles-Simpson budget and explained:

The Simpson-Bowles budget continues the Washington status quo: spend as much as you want, and then raise taxes to pay for it. America does not have a tax revenue problem, we have a spending problem. Any budget that raises taxes in order to defer the necessary choices needed to rein in spending needs to be scrapped.

The same principles apply to this more recent vote to embrace the principle of increasing taxes.  It’s still unacceptable, and considering that it garnered more support and came in the wake of the fiscal cliff tax hikes, support for this legislation was even more egregious.

Below is a list of the 75 representatives who voted in favor of the Bowles-Simpson inspired Schrader amendment.  An asterisk (*) denotes the lawmaker also voted in favor of the Cooper amendment last year.


Cassidy (LA-06)

Coble (NC-06)

Davis, R. (IL-13)

Dent (PA-15)*

Gerlach (PA-06)

Gibson, C. (NY-19)*

Hanna (NY-22)

Heck, J. (NV-03)

Kinzinger (IL-16)

Lummis (WY-AL)*

Meehan (PA-07)*

Petri (WI-06)*

Rigell (VA-02)

Rooney (FL-17)

Ross, D. (FL-15)

Shimkus (IL-15)*

Simpson, M. (ID-02)*

Wolf (VA-10)*

Womack (AR-03)

Woodall (GA-07)

Young, D. (AK-AL)*



Barrow (GA-12)

Bera (CA-07)

Bishop, S. (GA-02)

Brownley (CA-26)

Bustos (IL-17)

Carney (DE-AL)*

Connolly (VA-11)

Cooper (TN-05)*

Costa (CA-16)*

Crowley (NY-14)

Cuellar (TX-28)*

Davis, S. (CA-53)

Delaney (MD-06)

Fattah (PA-02)*

Foster (IL-11)

Gallego (TX-23)

Garcia (FL-26)

Hanabusa (HI-01)

Heck, D. (WA-10)

Himes (CT-04)*

Hoyer (MD-05)

Kilmer (WA-06)

Kind, R. (WI-03)*

Larsen, R. (WA-02)*

Lipinski, D. (IL-03)*

Matheson (UT-04)

McIntyre (NC-07)

Meeks, G. (NY-05)

Michaud (ME-02)

Moran, James (VA-08)

Owens (NY-21)

Pelosi (CA-12)

Perlmutter (CO-07)*

Peters, G. (MI-14)

Peters, S. (CA-52)

Peterson, C. (MN-07)*

Polis (CO-02)*

Price, D. (NC-04)

Quigley (IL-05)*

Ruppersberger (MD-02)

Sanchez, Loretta (CA-46)

Schrader (OR-05)*

Schwartz, A. (PA-13)*

Scott, R. (VA-03)

Sewell (AL-07)

Smith, Adam (WA-09)

Speier (CA-14)

Thompson, M. (CA-05)

Van Hollen (MD-08)

Vela (TX-34)

Visclosky (IN-01)*

Walz (MN-01)

Welch (VT-AL)

Yarmuth (KY-03)


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