Hagel: No Reason for Optimism

Despite all of the red flags demonstrating that former Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel would be a terrible Secretary of Defense, some suggest that enough Republican lawmakers will cave and approve the nomination of this grossly inadequate nominee.  They suggest that the White House is optimistic and add that Senate Democrats are too, as they have already scheduled a vote for February 26, a day after the Senate returns from recess.

Why the President would want to nominate someone as poorly qualified as Hagel to be the next U.S. Secretary of Defense is debatable, albeit disturbing when you actually look at his past statements and actions.  Equally disconcerting is how lightly lawmakers take their Constitutional duty to offer their “advice and consent” to the President on his nominee for Defense Secretary.  They think this is an opportunity to play politics.

What is clear, though, is that if the Hagel nomination receives the consent of the Senate, our national security will be in jeopardy. 

Heritage explains:

Hagel has called repeatedly for better relations with Iran, the worst state sponsor of terrorism in history. In several past speeches (some not provided to the Senate Armed Services Committee), Hagel was open about the “need” to reach out to and have a normal relationship with Iran. He makes it appear as if the differences we have with Tehran—which supplied military-grade weapons to our enemies in Iraq specifically designed to kill Americans—are somehow our fault.

He adds:

What are his intentions toward Iran? Will Hagel be the bulwark of strength that helps keep the apocalyptic ambitions of the murderous mullahs at bay, or will he meekly “ask” them to behave? America deserves better than this from any Secretary of Defense. America requires more than this to provide for the common defense.

Hagel is radical on Iran.  That doesn’t bode well for the U.S.  But it’s just one of his many disturbing positions.

Heritage lays out the top three things Senators should bear in mind about Hagel:

  1. Hagel does not have the executive and managerial experience to lead a department as large and complex as the Pentagon.

  2. He embraces dangerously naïve policies such as “nuclear zero,” the dream of a world without nuclear weapons.

  3. He advocates talking to America’s enemies and beating up on our friends.

Frankly, it is incumbent upon us – and upon everyone who is concerned with our national security – to help Senators favorable to Hagel’s nomination remove the blinders.

ACTION: Call Your Senator to Oppose Chuck Hagel’s Nomination for Secretary of Defense 

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