Flawed Gun Control Arguments

On Friday, President Obama gave a gun control speech in Chicago, home to some of the nation’s strictest gun control laws… and a place where there has been an explosion of gun violence.  Perhaps the connection is lost on the President.  Indeed about 87 percent of the 506 homicides that occurred in Chicago in 2012 were gun related deaths.

One proposed solution from gun control proponents is another assault weapons ban, and the President has suggested that this proposal be taken into consideration.

But this CNN (yes, CNN) video demonstrates why that’s unlikely to work, just as the 1994 assault weapons ban failed to reduce gun violence:


President Obama has stated “we’ve got to be respectful of regional differences” when it comes to gun laws and has said that he doesn’t think we should ban handguns.  But he has also said that Congress ought to at least consider an assault weapons ban.  Such a ban would not bode well for respecting regional differences.  Nor would it, as the video points out, really address the majority of gun deaths.

Although the President reemphasized for the need for stricter gun control laws during his State of the Union address, he and his supporters are naïve to believe that they can reduce violence (gun or otherwise) with a mere piece of legislation.  The real solution will be found in understanding the cultural and familial issues that lead to violence, and then allowing local and state governments to respond to the needs of their particular communities.

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