10 Provocative State of the Union Headlines

The State of the Union Address is tonight.  As the number of outlandish headlines demonstrates, the cynicism surrounding what the Washington Post dubs President Obama’s “most important State of the Union address” is substantial.

  1. National Journal: SOTU is a Fundraising Opportunity

President Obama may use the State of the Union address to speak on behalf of fundraising campaigns tied to promoting the policies he outlined in his speech.  He’ll take the opportunity to garner public support of his ideas, which he believes will help him to pressure Congress.  That’s peculiar; after all, the President has proven very light on his feet when it comes to sidestepping Congress when he doesn’t get his way.

  1. Politico: Stalled: Obama’s SOTU housing ‘stunt’

Here’s a reminder of the President’s last SOTU address wherein he promised to hold accountable those who supposedly acted lawlessly and recklessly when they sold bad mortgages as good investments.  Yet, his Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities Working Group has struggled to meet its mandate.

  1. The Hill: Obama to use State of the Union to make case against spending

Yes, this headline is as absurd as it sounds.  A better question though is how can President Obama be in favor of a “balanced” if he doesn’t believe we have a spending problem?

  1. CBS: Obama To Revive Populist Message In SOTU Speech

The long and short of this article: Obama will promote the same failed policies he’s always promoted.  More money for infrastructure, green energy technologies, and expanding access to early childhood indoctrination, er, education!

  1. National Journal: Obama Begins New Push on Climate Agenda

President Obama’s global warming agenda would be more aptly named his bureaucrats-micromanaging-and-destroying-the-economy agenda.  Remember, he avoided further action prior to his reelection push.

  1. The Daily Beast: SOTU Advice: Hammer GOP

That’s pretty sound advice.  The President should hammer “recalcitrant Republicans and cowardly Democrats” who want to do something about our debt and deficits.  Because they’re the ones who are fooling the American people, not President Obama.  Well, Heritage points out that based on the last State of the Union, the President has done a pretty good job pulling the wool over America’s eyes.

  1. NBC: First Thoughts: Obama’s Last Chance to go big

Go big or go home, right?!  Because his 2,000-plus page healthcare law and $800+ billion stimulus wasn’t big enough, so he should seize the day now.  Now we get to enjoy the ride as the President coercively shares his plans for immigration reform, guns, and his concept of debt reduction with us.

  1. NBC Chicago: SOTU Guest List Makes Statement on Gun Violence

No surprise here.  It is part and parcel of being liberal to exploit emotional scenarios to one’s advantage.

  1. BuzzFeed: Obama Prepares a Fighting Speech

No surprise, the President’s “new, take-no-prisoners approach is expected to be on full display.”  It will paint a picture of his “bold legislative agenda.”  Well, laying out a plan that would actually work would be better than a bold speech laying out promises he will fail to fulfill yet again, but we don’t doubt it will be bold.

  1. The Hill: Obama’s ‘liberal legacy’ could hurt Senate Dems in 2014

A year’s time will tell whether headline this proves accurate, but in a matter of hours, we’ll see just how rigorously the President lays out his “aggressively liberal and partisan agenda for the second term.”

Welcome to the future.

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