Media, Thy Name is Hypocrisy

Thirteen days after the House passed their Sandy bill (H.R. 152), the Senate is scheduled to vote on the $50 billion dollar bill.  While folks in the media expressed plenty of outrage at the delay in the House, they have not given the Senate the same chastisement, despite their nearly two week delay.  The media was not alone in their condemnation of the House, though.  Politicians from both sides of the aisle were right there with them.

A CNN article states that this Senate vote comes “four weeks after a delay that sparked bipartisan fury.”  Yet, it puts no emphasis on the Senate’s two week delay.  Rather, it rehashes the rage and fury against the House expressed by politicians from Northeastern states such as New Jersey and New York.

They remind us how New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said that the House’s hesitation to pass the multi-billion dollar bill explained “why the American people hate Congress.”  And if you just read their analysis, you’d think that all of that hatred is reserved just for the House of Representatives. 

To be clear, we’re not saying that the Senate should rush to pass this ridiculous legislation, though we won’t be astonished if they do.  We’re simply highlighting the hypocrisy in the media and among politicians who were so eager to attack conservative lawmakers for their opposition to wasting taxpayer money.  Remember, most of the spending that is there to allegedly help victims won’t be spent until FY 2014.

As we’ve noted since October when Sandy hit the Northeast, the real cause for rage and fury is lawmakers and bureaucrats using this occasion to heap on billions of dollars of excessive spending that is unrelated to helping Sandy victims.

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