Obstructionist Republicans?

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner was on Fox News Sunday  to paint Republicans as obstructionist in the so-called fiscal cliff negotiations.  He said, in a rather patronizing tone, that Democrats “may need to give [Republicans] time to figure out where they go next.”

How sweet!  Thank goodness for liberal leftist politicians’ benevolence, which knows no shortage, especially since it is subsidized by taxpayers’ money.

Yes.  Liberal Democrats will give the silly Republicans time to wrap their pretty little heads around the “modest” $1.6 trillion tax dollars that Obama plans, ever so graciously, to confiscate from American taxpayers and then sink into the black hole of government spending.  (Remember, what goes into a black hole doesn’t come back out.) 

But never fear!  The Democrats plan is “detailed.”  Wonderful!   We can all breathe a sigh of relief that the liberals in government have laid out a plan in (apparently) excruciating detail of how they plan on burning our country to the ground.  All this detailed planning will “get us back on the path of fiscal responsibility.”  This plan is complete with savings and investment in infrastructure (because we all know how, er, awesomely that worked out in President Obama’s first term) and other great stuff!

Okay, hold on.  That savings part sounds pretty good, right?  Conservatives are all about fiscal responsibility and, you know, not spending money we don’t have on frivolous government schemes and racking up debt we’ll never be able to repay to countries who aren’t exactly America’s cheerleaders.  There must be a catch.  In fact, there is.

Heritage’s Patrick Knudsen calls the alleged savings “phantom savings” because they’re anything but set in stone.  Untangle all the liberal spin and the real plan you’re left with, Knudsen explains, is “Spend now, save later.”  To be precise, the generous estimation is to spend $4 dollars now for every $1 we might save later.

Worse, liberal logic is to fix the problems we have by making them worse.  There’s no way to make that sound nicer.  Liberals will not accept the simple fact that spending, and spending alone, is the root cause of our problems.  So their plan is to spend trillions of dollars more, and then confiscate trillions of dollars from American job creators and investors and companies and families and individuals to pay for it.


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Liberal logic for the #fiscalcliff : spend now, (maybe) save later.

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Liberal "savings" in #fiscalcliff negotiations may never come to be.

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