Heritage Responds to Fiscal Cliff Reports

This afternoon, reports surfaced Senate Republicans were exploring a new effort to avoid the fiscal cliff while avoiding leaving their fingerprints on a tax increase.

Heritage Foundation’s J.D. Foster suggested such an effort amounts to “decoupling conservatives from their core principles.”

He continues:

There are many ways to surrender—and some congressional Republicans seem bent on exploring the all.

In the debate over the fiscal cliff, the President’s position is simple: The Republicans must capitulate on income tax rate hikes, and all other serious issues are not up for discussion.

To be clear, the reports suggest capitulation:

Now, however, worrisome rumors of two different “decoupling” plans are swirling through the halls of Congress. Both plans constitute a clear path toward surrender on conservative principles.

Of course:

Thus the President gets his tax rate increase and the wobbly Republicans hope they can wash their hands of the matter.

True, Republicans who oppose raising taxes could vote to stand by their principles, but this maneuver succeeds only if the House Republican leadership permits it.

This doesn’t advance the debate:

Taking a step back, both decoupling approaches demonstrate that, once again, Republicans are busy negotiating with themselves the terms of their surrender

The big picture:

Aside from his one great mistake in offering up his own tax hike, Speaker Boehner has to his credit repeatedly nailed the central issue in the entire fiscal policy debate—an issue that would surely get more attention if so many Republicans weren’t falling over themselves in a rush to wave the white flag: Mr. President, where are your entitlement reform proposals? We’re still waiting.

The whole piece can be found here.

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