The Peoples’ Verdict is In: Obamacare Needs to Go

Before Obamacare was even passed, a majority of Americans opposed it.

It’s still wildly unpopular.  Only more so now.  And just wait till the tens of thousands of pages of regulations that are coming down the pipes are put into effect!   That will make us all feel really cheerful.

There’s just something about a 2,700 page law that nobody can understand and that hasn’t been read by the lawmakers in Congress that’s unattractive.  But we all know how the story goes — the liberals in Congress rammed this gargantuan law down our throats.

So, how is it affecting people?  Do they like it?  Keith Murphy, a small business owner in New Hampshire sure doesn’t.  Neither does small business owner Jack Simpson of Kentucky or businessman Steve Bigelow of North Dakota.

Get the picture?  Obamacare socks America right in the gut.


Keith Murphy runs a restaurant.  He explains that Obamacare forces him to make some pretty unpalatable decisions.  He could decide to take massive financial hits due to the $2,000 fine imposed by Obamacare if he chooses not purchase Obamacare’s mandated insurance.  And based on the number of employees he has, these fines would cost his business about $140,000, or half of his profits.  That’s not an option.

He lists some other similarly poor options, and finally, comes to the thing he dreads the most.  He may have to make his employees part time in order to avoid Obamacare’s massive fees, as restaurant groups like Red Lobster and Olive Garden have already done.  He says:

“If I am forced down this road for the sake of my business’s survival, it will have a devastating impact on my employees, many of whom count on working full-time hours to pay their rent, support their children and pay their college tuition.” 

And he can forget expanding and looking for new locations, where unemployed Americans could have sought work.  This would have been a blessing in an economy marred by such high unemployment.  But Obamacare dictates otherwise…

Jack Simpson finds himself in a similar predicament.  He runs a personal long-term care facility, where he is facing the possibility of having to close, leaving those in his care homeless, thanks, once again, to Obamacare.  (And his situation is sadly not unique.)  Simpson explains what he has to look forward to:

“Having endured years of abuse from state regulators and pure apathy from nearly every politician he’s approached, Simpson says the $289,000 bill he will receive for not providing health insurance to the 200 caregivers whose jobs he created will cripple operations.”

Steve Bigelow, co-owner of Central Machining & Pump Repair, is also suffering from Obamacare.  His major gripe is the law’s complexity.  Its length renders it virtually impossible for businessmen to understand, and hiring a high-priced lawyer isn’t really an option.  This causes him (and others like him) to be very cautious when hiring workers “because of uncertainty over whether adding staff would trigger new mandates since rules vary with the size of a business.”

The picture is clear; and it is very, very grim.  Heritage has explained the unconstitutional nature of the Affordable Care Act, its assault on religious liberty, the harm it does to taxpayers, and its massive endowment of power to the federal government at the expense of individual freedom.

But these stories should leave people without any doubts about how detrimental Obamacare is to our country and to our economy.  As one New Hampshire job creator said:

“There is no way around the fact that Obamacare will force me to cut back hours, eliminate positions and abandon plans for future growth and hiring. Multiply my story by the thousands of small businesses that are in a similar position, and the true scope of the problem becomes painfully clear.” 

For our country’s sake, Obamacare must be repealed.

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