The All New Heritage Action Website

We’ve redesigned and relaunched the all new Heritage Action website,, to help you be a more effective conservative activist.

The Forge Blog

The key to effective activism is knowing where the important policy fights are and how to untangle the politicians’ spin. Our all new Forge Blog is the place to get the latest information, learn the right message, and know when to take the right action to advance conservatism.

The Forge is featured in the header of our new site for easy access. Be sure to bookmark the Forge or subscribe to all new posts.

Your Activist Dashboard

Your Dashboard gives you important information about your Members of Congress, their phone numbers and office information, as well as their Heritage Action score–the percentage that tells you how often they support conservative policy. In addition, we keep the dashboard updated with exactly the message that your lawmakers need to hear from you, whether in a Letter to the Editor, a call to their office, or a personal meeting with a staffer.

Your Dashboard combines the information you need and what you should be focusing on today in one place, so in a few minutes a day you can be a solid conservative activist. See your dashboard now.

Legislative Scorecard

Since we launched our legislative scorecard at the beginning of the 112th Congress, it’s become the standard for evaluating how conservative Members of Congress are.

According to Red State, it’s the:

“gold standard for conservatism in Congress”

According to Politico, it’s the:

 “hugely influential cheat sheet for determining conservative bona fides in Congress”

And now it’s featured on every page of the site, right at the top, and in the center of the homepage, so you can more easily find the information about how your Members of Congress voted on the critical issues that comprise their scores.

And more

  • Key Vote Alerts: These important notices, informing you, the media, and Members of Congress about the conservative position on upcoming critical votes, are now featured on the homepage. And you can subscribe to a feed of these votes, to ensure you take action when a critical decision is imminent.
  • Istook Live! When our colleagues at Istook Live are broadcasting, a direct link to the free online player appears throughout our site, ensuring you hear the latest from Ernest Istook, as he cuts through the spin and hype.
  • Mobile & Tablet: Our new site has specially designed featured to ensure you can access Forge Posts, Key Vote Alerts, and more right on your mobile phone or tablet. Now you can take our information right into the critical Tea Party or Town Hall meetings you attend to promote conservative accountability.
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