Your Calls to Congress Make a Difference

For months, proponents of the farm bill have declared that farms desperately need and universally want this trillion dollar bill. They assume that farmers are demanding the spending. For at least one farm-heavy congressional district, the phone calls disagree.

Through the entire August recess and during a rally to support the big spending farm bill, one DC congressional office recorded only ten phone calls in support of the bill. Because of that, the staff and the Representative strongly oppose the bill.

When a bill’s proponents, in this case industry lobbyists, say there is a groundswell of ‘support’ for this ‘important’ bill, congressional staff check the phone logs. This is why your calls are powerful.

Despite big government lobbyists urging for immediate passage of this bill and invoking a ‘crisis,’ the office we talked to takes the low call volume as a sign that their district is taking the conservative position.

Similarly, when you and your conservative friends make the choice to call your Members of Congress, those calls make a difference. An office may begin to take the conservative position more seriously, or they may be motivated to take the lead on an issue they’d otherwise ignore.

When the district speaks, good elected officials listen.

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