Washington Logic: You Get Less and Pay More When I Fail

Although no one was thrilled with the latest six-month continuing resolution, which funded the government at levels established by the severely misnamed Budget Control Act, it passed Congress last week without much drama.  The measure was necessary because Congress could not complete its annual appropriations bills; in fact, the Senate didn’t even try.

It is the Senate’s complete lack of action that makes the following comments from Senate Appropriations Chairman Daniel Inouye (D-HI) so interesting.  CQ (sub. req’d) reports:

“The bill denies necessary authorities for dozens of programs,” Inouye said. “In some cases, the administration will find cumbersome workarounds; for others, it will have to slow down work on ongoing programs, increasing cost and inefficiency. And many programs will simply have to cease activity and await additional congressional action on appropriations bills.”

Senator Inouye may be surprised, but most Americans are not going to get bent out of shape if the government stops doing a few things.  However, they will be outraged that his failure may result in even less efficient government operations…as if that is possible!

With folks like this running things, it is no wonder Washington cannot cut spending.

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