Obamacare Can and Should Be Repealed!

“In the world of politics, nothing is ever final – not victory, not defeat, and not even the loss of the public’s trust.”  These wise words were written by Ed Feulner, the President of the Heritage Foundation, in a book he recently co-authored with Brian Tracy called The American Spirit.  Feulner frequently talks about his optimism and the profound hope he has that this country has a bright and lasting future.  The many Americans who, despite not being in favor of Obamacare, still think that its implementation is inevitable should adopt this same optimism, realizing that Obamacare does not have to be a permanent defeat.

Obamacare can and should be repealed.

At the time of its passage, only 30 percent of Americans supported Obamacare, but a recent poll has found that just 12 percent of Americans think that the law will be fully repealed.  Moreover, “Republicans remain overwhelmingly opposed to the overhaul and in favor of repeal. But only 21 percent said they think that will actually come about.”

The article explains, “the poll found Americans are converging on the idea that the overhaul will be part of their lives in some form, although probably not down to its last clause and comma.” Well, we would hope not.  The law was rushed through so quickly and thoughtlessly, that it was jam packed with egregious typos.

But that’s the least of our problems with Obamacare.  It also tramples on religious liberty, allows the government to take a breathtaking amount of freedom away from the American people, raises taxes on the middle class, hurts seniors, undermines physicians and diminishes the quality of medical care we’ll receive in this country.  Sign me up! Oh wait, I’m already mandated to sign up.

Every American plays a part in whether or not this law continues to be implemented or gets repealed.  Heritage Action has been calling for repeal of the law since its passage.  And the House has twice passed a complete repeal, thanks to pressure from their constituents and from Heritage Action and other conservative organizations.

The battle to overturn Obamacare is not over yet, and there is no reason to concede defeat.   As Heritage has pointed out, there is good reason to have faith in the power of public opinion and to trust – with constant vigilance – that Obamacare will ultimately be repealed.

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