New! Medicare Reform Myths Debunked

Big-government politicians and a sympathetic media have taken great pains to “expose” the “extreme” plan by conservatives to “voucherize” Medicare.  In their eyes, it is nothing less than a villainous plan to destroy the lives of senior citizens, leaving them at the mercy of insurance companies.   Of course, these are politically motivated lies.

Heritage Action has had enough.

Along with our conservative allies, we have identified the distortions and systematically debunked them in a new Medicare site.   It provides clear and concise rebuttals to the most egregious Medicare myths propagated by the left.  In addition, there are links to more in-depth articles and papers about Medicare at the bottom of the page. 

The truth is that conservative plans like the one Paul Ryan proposed are designed to make Medicare financially sustainable and to give seniors more options.  Interestingly, Ryan has not been alone in coming up with innovative ways to improve Medicare.   The same left-wing leaders that have vilified Ryan have made similar proposals to reform Medicare in the past.  Medicare premium support has long been a bipartisan proposal.  Jonathan Gruber and David Cutler, both leaders in the Obama camp, have championed plans that are similar to Ryan’s.  As Union Leader has reported:

“MIT economist Jonathan Gruber (renowned as the mind behind both Romneycare and Obamacare) and Harvard economist David Culter, both considered the most influential advisers to President Obama on health care, recommended to the Simpson-Bowles deficit-reduction commission in 2010 that Medicare be changed from a government insurance program to a premium support plan similar to the one first offered by Ryan and former Clinton Budget Director Alice Rivlin. Like Ryan, they wanted the government to give people a set amount of money that they could use to buy private insurance. Unlike Ryan, they proposed having Washington forcibly move Medicaid recipients into that system.”

Instead of lawmakers and their advisors using the Medicare debate to demonize opponents for political expediency, they should have a calm and reasoned look at reforms that will make Medicare sustainable and increase its quality for years to come.  That is precisely what Heritage Action’s Medicare site helps people to do.

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