Heritage Action’s Scorecard: Why It Matters

All too often, lawmakers say one thing at home and do something completely different when they get back to Washington, DC.  This is where Heritage Action’s legislative scorecard comes in: we measure actual legislative activity to determine just how conservative Members of Congress are.

Today, for example, Politico ran a piece on three DINOs – Democrats in Name Only:

 They are among the least loyal members in Nancy Pelosi’s caucus: Reps. Jim Matheson of Utah, and Mike McIntyre and Larry Kissell of North Carolina.Whether their votes are about political expediency or deeply held centrist principles is almost beside the point — for these lawmakers, it’s a matter of surviving as Democrats in extremely Republican districts.In an age in which polarization is the norm and the far right and far left have full control of their party caucuses, the determined independence of these three moderates may seem quaint — a relic of the Bill Clinton era when moderate Democrats forged landmark deals with Newt Gingrich’s House.

Of course, bucking Nancy Pelosi does not mean a lawmaker is conservative.  Let’s go to Heritage Action’s legislative scorecard for the facts:

Do you know how your lawmakers act when they return to Washington? Find out.


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