Driving the Day: Last Pre-Election Votes

Today the Senate will be voting on the Continuing Resolution (CR), which passed in the House last week.  This stop-gap spending bill will fund the government for the first six months of fiscal year 2013, which will start October 1.  The Hill explains why lawmakers wanted to get this bill passed so quickly:

“The speed at which lawmakers are moving the bill through the halls of the Capitol can be credited to the deal crafted before the start of the five-week August recess.

Lawmakers are loathe to take votes on items of much substance before the presidential election — or for that matter, any elections — for fear it will hurt their campaigns. Thusly, there is an eight-day session with the CR as the major piece of legislation zipping through the chambers.”

While some lawmakers think passing this spending bill is politically expedient, the bill does not exhibit fiscal restraint, and it was the Senate that insisted on another spending hike of $19 billion.  Nonetheless, many conservatives fear a wide-ranging lame-duck session which could potentially produce even worse results.

In the House, there are two bills at center stage.  The first is H.J.Res. 118, disapproving of President Obama’s illegal gutting of the work requirement in the 1996 welfare reform law.  The Obama Administration decision to waive the work requirement which reduced abuses in TANF was extreme folly.  That is why Heritage Action is working to keep our lawmakers accountable and to pressure them to do what they can to undo the Administration’s damage.   The Senate is expected to vote on the disapproval resolution after the election.

The second is H.R. 3409, the Stop the War on Coal Act, which is specifically designed to protect American consumers and job seekers.  It helps reduce the onerous restrictions imposed by the EPA, which stifle Americans by manipulating the market and artificially increasing the cost of energy.  This is unacceptable and, again, Heritage Action is key voting in favor this bill.

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