Zogby Poll: Youth Turning on Obama

We should always take polls with a grain of salt, but this is the first time – according to John Zogby of JZ Analytics – that his poll has shown the Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney with such high numbers among the youth.

Forty-one percent of likely voters who were polled supported Mitt Romney as opposed to President Obama. Considering the President was elected with historic voter turnout among the 18-29 year old population, this is huge.

What’s even more astonishing is that President Obama may be losing the youth vote even after the ridiculous handouts he’s been offering them this year. He’s offered to forgive student loan debt after 20 years, keep student loan interest rates at historic lows (saving just $9 a month), and for those young women who are lucky enough to get a job with health insurance in the Obama economy, they will be provided with abortion-inducing drugs and contraceptives without a co-pay!

All these gimmicks and the President is losing ground with this crucial voting bloc. Maybe it’s because young Americans aren’t as gullible and naïve as the President thinks they are. Maybe it’s because they know that saving $9 a month in student loan bills isn’t going to help any. Maybe it’s because they’re smart enough to find contraception for $9 a month and would rather do that than take the increase in health insurance premiums.

Or maybe it’s because they have dreams of being something more than a government dependant and they know that is not the vision President Obama has for them.

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