Who Will Receive Obama’s Next Handout?

In my latest column, I discuss some of the constituent groups that have received handouts from President Obama and which group is most likely to receive the next handout:

“The President gave us a glimpse of his next target two weeks ago when he called for the farm bill to be passed. Now he could have been speaking to farmers, but it’s more likely that he was talking to the 46.3 million Americans who receive food stamps thanks to the bill. Eighty percent of the farm bill is spent on food stamps, and welfare recipients who want the government trough to keep flowing are a large voting bloc that could help the President win re-election.”

The President has already given handouts to women, unions, and students. He has attempted to give a handout to Latinos with his amnesty program (although allowing illegal aliens to stay in the country outrages those immigrants who came here legally). As his re-election slips further and further out of reach, we can expect President Obama to give as many handouts as he can to any remaining constituency groups he has yet to appease.

You can read the full article here.

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