Washington, D.C. is Still Out of Touch

Last year we reported on Gallup’s Economic Confidence Index which showed that all 50 states have a negative feeling about the economy – except residents of Washington, D.C.

Little has changed this year.

West Virginia is still the most pessimistic state in the union, with a confidence index of -44, the same as last year. Minnesota has jumped from the 8th least pessimistic state to the very least pessimistic state.

Yet while every state has had a negative index for every year since 2008 (as far back as Gallup shows), Washington, D.C. has been far more positive.

Last year, for instance, D.C. showed an index of +11. The least pessimistic state last year was North Dakota, with an index of -13.

This year, D.C. is even more optimistic, with an index of +29. Minnesota, the least pessimistic state has an index of -6.

Yet again, every state has less than zero confidence in the economy, while those in Washington, D.C. are optimistic. The inside-the-beltway delusions of an economy just fine illustrate the disconnect between the political class and the average American.

This is exactly why a change is needed in order to get this economy moving again.

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