Local Blog Roundup

Below is a list of blogs from across the country which deal with the hot topics of the day:

As Maine Goes – Staff – Michaud, Pingree Vote to Steer Economy toward ‘Taxmageddon’

Civitas Review – Bob Luebke – Class Size Increase Claims Should Review a Few Facts

Illinois Review – Hannah Ihms – Regressive Progressivism

Marathon Pundit – Staff – Bad Kind of Change: Gas over $4 in Chicago Area

Michigan Capitol Confidential – Matthew Needham – MEDC Programs Consistently Fall Short of Initial Claims

Northwest Daily Marker – Phil Watson – Friedman’s Support for Gun Rights Championed Freedom Over Tyranny, Liberty Over Misery | Friedman Day 2012

Peach Pundit – Bill Dawers – Full Text of Press Release from Governor Deal Today Re Transportation

Save Jersey – Michael Carroll – A Threat to Judicial Independence

Say Anything – Donny Baseball – Rahm Assailed, Chickens Inhaled

Volokh Conspiracy – Eugune Volokh – Words of Wisdom from the Seventh Circuit

Write on Nevada – Staff – NTU to Nevada Legislators: The Margin Tax is a Losing Bet

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