Encouraging Failure

Heritage Action communications director, Dan Holler, has a new column this week deriding the encouragement of failure. Just as the Olympic rules allows for badminton teams to purposefully lose in early rounds in order to get a better placement in later rounds, so does the federal government provide for those who choose not to try their hardest:

“According to The Heritage Foundation, more than 67 million Americans received some sort of subsidy from the government last year. From housing, health care, and food stamps to college tuition and retirement assistance, an individual could receive benefits valued at nearly $33,000 per year.

“Why would anyone chose to work a minimum wage job for $7.25 an hour when they could get what amounts to $16.50 per hour (based on a 40 hour workweek) from the government?

“Need more evidence?

“If you have a house on a flood plain, the government will subsidize your insurance. If your below sea-level home is ravaged by a hurricane, the government will help you rebuild. If you didn’t insure or hedge against a drought, the government will bail you out.

“Call it a moral hazard. Call it culturally corrosive. Call it whatever you want. The bottom line is that America cannot afford such widespread government dependence, from either individuals or businesses.”

You can read the full article here.

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