Democrats Want Control over Student Voter Registration

In a letter sent to University Presidents last week, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and a long list of Democrat Congressmen implored the universities to increase voter registration on campus. Now, the letter does make some good points, like how not being able to vote the first attempt will severely affect how often a person votes in the future. But the overall message of the letter is clear: register more Democrats.

Not so hidden within the letter is the indication that students are receiving false information when it comes to registering to vote and voting. Now, we all know how Democrats have been trying to squash Voter ID laws which require identification to vote, and the suggestion of providing accurate materials is laughable. This will increase the likelihood of misinformation or one-sided information, depending on who is in charge of supplying the information.

If elected officials supply that information, as the letter suggests, then the campus is open to partisan information and students will not be able to make an informed choice. The letter says nothing about materials being provided by a nonpartisan organization, which leads one to believe that Minority Leader Pelosi and her colleagues are trying to further infiltrate colleges in order to drum up Democrat voters.

With the state of our liberal college campuses already, this is clearly an attempt to further game the system and brainwash students into thinking that liberal ideology and Keynesian economics are the only option. There is no problem with registering more people to vote, but the process needs to be free from outside influence.

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