Consumers Paying for Milk Advertising Fraud

Last week we wrote about an advocacy group that’s claiming milk, despite everything we grew up learning, is bad for us. Not only is it not particularly healthy but, as this group advises, it is so bad for us that our children should be banned from drinking it with their school lunches.

Let’s say milk is really that bad for us. That means that for decades we have been forced to pay for the advertising telling us that milk is good for us. Commodity promotions boards use revenue from product purchases to promote those same products. The “Got Milk?” campaign is one such advertisement.

Essentially, the boards tax milk producers in order to pay for these advertisements, but we know that the producers do not pay that tax, they pass it on to the consumers. So we have been paying to perpetuate a myth.

Milk, apparently, does not make your bones stronger. Yet that is what we have been paying for.

This is a good example of why government should not be involved in the private sector. In one instance, the government tries to control our diets by taxing bad foods. In another instance, it tries to promote things we should eat by taxing those foods in order to pay for promotions. Notice the irony?

The government needs to just get out of the way, otherwise it ends up crosswise and promoting bad foods.

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