Business Group Pushes Senators to Flip-Flop

CQ (sub. req’d) reports that Thomas J. Donohue, president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, believes the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) will be ratified after the elections, during a lame-duck session of Congress:

Donohue, however, insisted that the treaty still has momentum. Speaking at the American Security Project, a centrist national security think tank, he called the recent surge of GOP opposition a “temporary inconvenience.”

He did not, however, expand on how he expects to flip Republican senators who are already on the record as “no” votes.

Despite Mr. Donohue’s comments yesterday, 34 United States Senators are on record opposing the treaty.  Because two-thirds of Senators present and voting are required to ratify any treaty, the long-stalled Law of the Sea Treaty is effectively dead. Only July 16, Heritage Action’s CEO Michael Needham issued the following statement: 

America had little to gain through accession to the Law of the Sea Treaty – but much to lose.  Rather than affirming existing practices, it would have instituted a radically new, international legal regime.  The demise of the Law of the Sea Treaty not only represents a victory for American sovereignty, but also the American people.  For months, constituents have called and emailed their Senators, requested meetings, submitted letters to the editor, and organized in an effort to sink this dangerous treaty.  We commend the 34 Senators who stood with their constituents on the side of freedom. 

Mr. Donohue and Senator Kerry’s push to ratify this disastrous treaty during a lame-duck session of Congress is just one more reason why conservatives should avoid a lame-duck session at all costs.

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