The American Dream is Not Impossible

According to The Hill, 47% of likely voters think that the American Dream is no longer possible; that becoming wealthy in this country is not an achievable goal. What a sad state our country is in when nearly half of Americans don’t think they can ever achieve financial security.

But there is hope. Hard working men and women start businesses and excel every year, proving time and time again that upward mobility is possible. But to make that dream more readily available, we need to reform our country. We need to work for it, but it is possible.

To that end, Heritage Action has launched a new radio program, called Istook Live!, which aims to inform you not only how to reform Washington and the country, but also how you can achieve the American Dream. The show launches today at 9 AM EDT and will air weekdays from 9am to 12pm.

When announcing the program, Heritage Action CEO Michael Needham released the following statement:

“Heritage Action has worked tirelessly to promote individual liberty and the free enterprise system. Talk radio long has been a part of that effort. Now, ‘Istook Live!’ will further discussion of the biggest issues facing our country and provide Americans with a better understanding of the battle of ideas that shapes the news. We’ll give them virtual access to the halls of Congress and inner workings of Washington.”

You can listen live to the broadcast here.

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