Schweikert: Farm Bill is a “Mammoth Waste”

Congressman David Schweikert (R-AZ) wrote an op-ed for Investor’s Business Daily about the Senate-passed trillion-dollar farm bill. The bill costs 62% more than the egregious 2008 farm bill, guarantees farmers a 90% revenue guarantee, and fails to curb the massive increase in food stamp spending that has occurred during the Obama Administration. He also discusses how this bill furthers the dependency of both American corporations and the American people:

“Thanks to the stimulus, misaligned incentives for states, and a consistent weakening of eligibility criteria, we are in the midst of a dependency crisis.

“This is a huge victory for liberals. By inserting food stamps into an agriculture bill, it makes it nearly impossible to pass common sense reforms to either.

“The first step in long-term farm bill reform is to split agriculture away from food stamps and let each provision stand or fail on its own merit.

“In 2010, Americans sent reinforcements like me to the people’s House to ensure we did not repeat the mistakes of the past.

“While our friends in the Senate do not appear to have learned that lesson, the House must stand firm and unequivocally oppose any farm and food bill that does not restore free market principles to our agriculture system and rein in America’s bloated food stamp program.”

You can read the full article here.

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