Obama Supporters Still Waiting for Promises to be Filled

Four years ago, then-Senator Barack Obama campaigned on making healthcare affordable, cherishing teachers, a “green” energy revolution and a whole host of other liberal causes that put government first. Fast forward to today, with a new Gallup poll that appears to indicate that President Obama supporters are still waiting for these priorities to materialize.

If President Obama had handled these issues during the four years he’s been in office then presumably they shouldn’t still be high priorities for his supporters.

The above chart shows the differences in priorities between Obama supporters and Romney supporters. Notice the high priorities given to environmental concerns, tax hikes and healthcare for Obama supporters versus Romney supporters. At this point in his term, President Obama should have made those minor priorities for his supporters, as he should have solved them.

Imagine that Mitt Romney wins the presidential election, and the top priority for all Americans (regardless of party affiliation) going into his term being jobs and the economy. Now imagine that four years from now the top priority for Americans is jobs and the economy. Do you think he’ll get re-elected? Do you think the liberal media will give him a pass, as they’ve done for President Obama?

If the priorities for the American people, and even President Obama’s supporters, are the same as they were four years ago, then it’s clear that he hasn’t done his job. By his own admission, these issues should have been solved and new ones taken on. Instead, we are no better off today than we were four years ago; in fact, we’re worse.

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