Obama Snubbed By Lieberman, Collins

Yesterday evening (time stamp 7:15pm), an op-ed was posted on the The Wall Street Journal’s website written by President Obama. In the piece, he praised the Lieberman-Collins cybersecurity bill that was supposed to be voted on by the Senate on Monday. He specifically mentioned cybersecurity standards included in the bill:

“The American people deserve to know that companies running our critical infrastructure meet basic, commonsense cybersecurity standards, just as they already meet other security requirements. Nuclear power plants must have fences and defenses to thwart a terrorist attack. Water treatment plants must test their water regularly for contaminants. Airplanes must have secure cockpit doors. We all understand the need for these kinds of physical security measures. It would be the height of irresponsibility to leave a digital backdoor wide open to our cyber adversaries.”

By standards, President Obama means heavy-handed government regulations. But the thing is, just before this op-ed was posted, the Lieberman-Collins bill was reintroduced without those standards*:

“Leaders of the Senate Homeland Security, Intelligence, and Commerce committees reintroduced a version of the Cybersecurity Act of 2012 on Thursday that drops any new authority for the Homeland Security Department to set and enforce standards.”

Does anyone inform the President anymore about what’s going on in Congress? I guess when campaigning is the most important thing, it’s probably best not to bother him with the day to day of running the country.

*We will review the language of the new bill and keep you informed of any negative changes resulting from the dropping of the standards.

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