McConnell and Reid Clash on Filibuster

Yesterday morning, Morning Business in the U.S. Senate went from dull to riveting…well, if you’re a procedural wonk anyway.

Roll Call provides the background:

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell today challenged his Democratic counterpart over his pledge to eliminate some filibusters, warning of unintended consequences. 

The Kentucky Republican questioned recent statements by Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) about plans to change the rules to eliminate filibusters of motions to proceed, which must be adopted for the Senate to take up bills. Reid said in a recent radio interview that he would push the rules change if he is still the Majority Leader in January. Currently, motions to proceed can be filibustered and 60 votes are needed to overcome that blockade.

Although the exchange lasted more than 20 minutes, the following clip of Senator McConnell explaining how a filibuster actually works is worth highlighting.

Senator McConnell also used the exchange to highlight the Senate’s failure to pass a budget, begin appropriations work or even schedule the defense authorization bill.

And if you’re a procedural wonk or otherwise concerned about the future of the Senate (and thus, America), the exchange can be viewed in its entirety on

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