LOST is Sunk, but Will It Resurface?

As Heritage Action’s communications director Dan Holler told Roll Call: “We assume that bad policies never die completely.”

While there may be 34 Senators who currently oppose the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST), there is no guarantee that Senator John Kerry (D-MA) will accept defeat and move on. He has four months until the lame-duck session, and could very well use that time to try and persuade Senators who currently oppose the treaty to reconsider.

The current defeat of LOST is a classic David versus Goliath story. Proponents of LOST included some of the biggest players inside Washington, such as the Chamber of Commerce, the American Petroleum Institute, even AT&T and Verizon. LOST had the weight of Senator Kerry – and ex-presidential nominee – and the majority of the Senate behind it. These groups advertised for the treaty in major publications such as Roll Call, The Hill, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Times, as well as an aggressive internet campaign. But, as Roll Call points out:

“At the same time, conservative opponents, led by Heritage Action for America, the issue advocacy arm of the conservative think tank the Heritage Foundation, made vigorous and repeated appeals at gatherings throughout conservative Washington, including the weekly meetings run by anti-tax lobbyist Grover Norquist and the Republican Study Committee, according to a source present at both meetings.”

With the American people on our side, this treaty didn’t stand a chance. But we know from recent history that what the American people want may be ignored in order to promote political ideology (think Obamacare). Knowing this, it is imperative that the American people remain engaged on this issue. They cannot allow their Senators to back away from their commitment to oppose this fatally-flawed treaty.

There’s a reason LOST has not been ratified in 30 years: it erodes American sovereignty and hands over control to the U.N. The American people do not agree with such policies, and will continue to oppose this treaty for as long as it remains in existence.

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