Local Blog Roundup

Below is a list of blogs from across the country which deal with the hot topics of the day:

Blog of Earl Capps – Earl Capps – Unions and NLRB Still Pushing Over Poster Issue

Civitas Review – Brian Balfour – More Crony Capitalism from Perdue

Colorado Peak Politics – Staff – Congressman Ed Perlmutter Politicizing Tragedy, Pushing Long-Held Gun Control Agenda

Electric City Weblog – Dave Budge – On the Question of Tax Fairness

Hall of Record – Bruce Hall – China’s Active Expansionism

Illinois Review – Nancy Thorner and Jane Keill – Obamacare: You Can Keep Your Doctor

Michigan Capitol Confidential – Michael Van Beek – ‘Master’-ing Compensation for Michigan Teachers

Northwest Daily Marker – Diana Moore – One Autistic Student’s Story of Academic Success with Online Learning

Peach Pundit – Staff – Sam Olens Takes On The FCC

Say Anything – Rob Port – Feds Want $29 Million In Taxes On Phantom Estate Value

Volokh Conspiracy – Orin Kerr – Notice and Opportunity to Challenge Evidence Collection Under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act: What’s the Best Rule?

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