White House Prepares for Surgically Altered Obamacare

By the end of next week, Americans should know the fate of President Obama’s signature piece of legislation, Obamacare, as decided by the United States Supreme Court.

Last month, The Heritage Foundation’s Rob Bluey revealed the liberals’ planned response, which is the same no matter what the court decides. The plans revolve around showcasing “real people” who will be affected by Obamacare. Whether the individual mandate portion of the law is upheld or not, liberals have lined up people who can testify to the law’s affect on their lives. If the mandate or the law is overturned, we can expect to see story after story about people who will claim to have lost their newly acquired health care coverage.

But remember, while liberals may find a few people who claim to be harmed if the law is overturned, far more (tens of millions in fact) would be hurt if the law is upheld. Through tax hikes, fines for not acquiring private insurance and higher premiums that will lead to millions of employers dropping coverage or hiring less workers, Obamacare will harm far more than it will help.

Now, the Obama Administration is preparing for a partial defeat in the courts. Publicly, the White House is claiming confidence in the law being upheld, but privately they are preparing to move forward with the other provisions of the bill, even if the mandate is struck down.

Unfortunately for the American people, this will lead to an even higher cost. The individual mandate is the lynchpin of Obamacare’s architecture, and the main reason why the insurance industry were willing to accept everyone under the sun. The industry was promised millions of new, forced customers, which was supposed to more than make up for the cost of mandates thrust upon them by Congress.

Some of these insurance agencies are already publicly claiming to uphold parts of the law by allowing continuing to provide free preventive services and children to stay on their parents’ health care plan until the age of 26. And that is obviously their right.

But if the Administration keeps in place the massive expansion of Medicaid and tax credits for the middle-class to buy private coverage, costs would explode without the mandate. President Obama’s argument that this doesn’t bust the budget would be out the window (it already is, but it would be harder for him to claim that the bill saves money).

That’s because the point of the mandate was not to get more people covered(as was claimed), but rather to reduce the overall burden in the industry by getting younger, healthier people into the market that do not need major insurance.  They would pay the premiums that would be used to subsidize older, sicker Americans who actually do need the coverage. It was all about redistribution.

It’s these distortions, and the obvious reality that the promises made to the American people when this law was shoved through Congress were unrealistic, that have lead to a majority of Americans wanting the law repealed. According to Rasmussen, 52% of likely voters want the Supreme Court to overturn the law. And according to the Pew Research Center, 50% of Independents would be happy if the entire law were thrown out.

In the 90’s, the Republican-controlled Congress forced President Bill Clinton to live within a balanced budget. Today, the Republican-controlled House has the people on their side in opposition to Obamacare. They should continually hammer the point home that the American people do not want this law by voting to repeal whatever the Court leaves behind. Now is not the time to tinker around the edges and essentially placate the Obama Administration by allowing budget-busting provisions to be upheld.

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