Prenatal Non-Discrimination Act Vote Recap

Yesterday, the House voted on the Prenatal Non-Discrimination Act (PRENDA) (H.R. 3541). The bill would have banned sex-selective abortions, which experts have demonstrated are on the rise and predict that it will continue to be a trend in the United States. In support of the bill, Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle stated that:

“Sex selection abortion is the ultimate war on women…if we don’t allow women the right to be born, they are denied all other rights.”

The key vote is listed below, along with a breakdown of how Republicans and Democrats voted.

Prenatal Non-Discrimination Act: Rejected by a vote of 246-168 (required 2/3 votes)
Heritage Action: YES

Republicans Voting Yes: 226
Republicans Voting No: 7
Democrats Voting Yes: 20
Democrats Voting No: 161

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